What is a microgreen ?

A microgreen is a tiny version of a vegetable : radish, brocoli, red cabage, mustard, sunflower, arugula, … and a lot more ! They’re often confused with germinated seeds. The main difference here is that you’re not eating the seed itself. When eating a microgreen, you’ll cut at the base of the stem and leave the seed in the subtrate. You typically eat them when the cotyledons are fully developped (beteen 7 to 21 days).

Consumed at a very first stage of growth, they contain a real concentrate of flavors, colors and nutrients !

Micropousses de Komatsuna
Mix de micropousses

Why do we eat microgreens?

The taste : hot, spicy, aniseed, iodized, lemony … or all at once, they will amaze you !

The visual : bright red, light green or even dark purple and yellow… you won’t find all the colors of a rainbow, but we’re almost there.

Nutritional benefits: rich of antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, vitamins C, E, K, potassium, calcium … (and the list goes on !), each varieties has its own nutritional properties. They can contain up to 4 to 40 times more nutrients than thei mature counterparts (The University of Maryland has studied it)

Enjoy and (re) discover your vegetables in a new form! 

Some varieties

We’re growing several kind of microgreens  including red cabbage, pink radish, peas and mustard that you’ll already find in some shops in Brussels. Do you work in a restaurant ? Contact us and discover our entire offer!

Who’s behind ECLO ?

Quentin !

After a year of total immersion and disoveries in urban agriculture in Montreal, Québec, I returned to Brussels with the desire to promote microgreens in my town and contribute to the production of healthy and local food.

Interested in discovering our microgreens ? Let’s talk !

Leave us a message and we’ll be glad to discuss how to satisfy your needs !

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